Regaining your motivation for gym once you’ve lost it can be difficult, but trust us when we say it’s certainly not impossible. Everyone goes through phases of losing their gym motivation, whether you’re just starting your journey or you’re a professional athlete.

Either way, we have 5 simple changes you can make to help you regain your motivation for gym! No matter the reason you’ve lost it, we’re sure one of our tips below will provide the solution you need to get back into your routine and feel incredible.

Mix Up Your Routine

The first thing you can do when you want to regain your gym motivation is to mix up your routine. When you’re doing the exact same thing week in and week out, it’s normal for it to become monotonous. Not only this, you’re probably not getting the most out of your workouts. So, it’s time to mix it up! 

If you have really specific goals in mind or only enjoy one specific type of exercise, then try to push yourself in new ways when exercising. For example, if you currently do the same 5 leg exercises every Monday, swap out 2 of them for new exercises, or create super sets that really push your mind and body to the limit. If you cycle every day, swap out some sessions to do sprint training or uphill training. If you’re a runner, do the same, incorporate some sprint training.

currently, If you only go to the gym or run and want to mix it up, try out some different forms of exercise! Go to a new gym class once a week, swap a gym session for a walk out in the fresh air, give yoga a go, or perhaps something completely different like pole fitness. Exercise should be about feeling your best and feeling healthy, so don’t push yourself into a particular type of exercise and instead do what you enjoy. 

Refresh Your Gymwear Wardrobe

When you don’t have gym or exercise clothes that fit well, support you, and make you feel great, it’s no wonder you don’t want to go to the gym and lose your motivation. You need to have a gym wardrobe that won’t hold you back from anything, so you can simply focus on the exercise you’re doing, without having to worry about your sports bra not quite fitting or your gym leggings slipping down. 

So, go out and get yourself a new piece of gym wear. This could be something new like a pair of gym leggings or you could go for a full set. Perhaps you need a new sports bra to help make sure you can workout without any worries. Maybe your gym trainers have been rubbing and holding you back. Whatever it might be, whether you start with one piece or a whole new gymwear look, give this a go and we’re confident you’ll be raring to put it on and regain your motivation for the gym. 

Change Your Diet

If losing your gym motivation is more to do with feeling tired, then perhaps you need to change your diet. When you’re going to the gym, no matter how often but you need to be fuelling your body properly with the right foods. Eating enough carbohydrates before you’re going to the gym for energy, and plenty of protein afterward to help with recovery, is really important to help you make the most out of your session and come out feeling incredible.

You should also be eating a wide range of different fruits and vegetables in your diet to consume the nutrients your body needs to thrive. If you’re planning to go to the gym Monday morning, make sure you have a nice big meal Sunday night, and then get some overnight oats in the fridge for the morning to eat an hour or two before you go.

You should feel completely different and have a great experience! Pushing your body to the limits without supporting it with the correct diet will make you feel unmotivated, so start eating a bit more (and of the right foods) and see how your body transforms. 

Go With A Friend

For those of you who enjoy the gym when you get there, but struggle to get the motivation to get up and go, then going with a friend is such a great option. Even if you like actually working out on your own, share a lift or walk together to the gym.

This gives you some routine and accountability, so it’s much harder to just stay sitting on the sofa because you will have to let your friend know! For those of you who like working out with other people, even better, as you can motivate each other throughout the whole session. This would also be a good chance to try out new things with the support of your friend, whether it’s a new exercise, a new gym class, or a whole new hobby. 

Set Clear Goals

Another great way to help you feel more motivated is to set yourself clear goals. When you’re actively working towards something it can really help you to stay on track. This doesn’t have to be weight orientated at all, but it could be doing 5,000 steps a day, doing 5 press-ups on your toes, running a 5k, doing 5 pull-ups, doing 100 kg on the leg press, gaining muscle on your back (perhaps an inch or two), or anything else! Make sure you try and set yourself a date. Don’t be too strict on yourself if you don’t achieve it. But if you set yourself a goal to do 5 press-ups on your toes. But don’t have a clear date to work towards, it could take forever! Also, make sure you set a realistic time frame so you don’t feel disheartened.

Final Thoughts

Losing gym motivation is completely normal, but this is your sign to complete a few of the steps above to get it back! Take things a step at a time and gradually get back into the gym to form those healthy habits. You know you will feel better for it, so start with your first session back and go from there. Good luck and we really believe you’re about to regain that fire in your belly! 


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