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Hey guys, are you willing to contribute to thedeepfitness.in and want to write for us Free or a free guest post ?– We welcome health & fitness writers who want to join our professional writing team in sharing their “Health & Wellness” expertise, experience, and advice.

Deep Fitness is one of the free guest post sites that invite new authors who love to share their unique ideas through content. We invite skilled writers who can write for us free fitness blogs.

Welcome to Deep Fitness, We are looking for talented contributors including wellness experts, doctors, academics, and healthcare practitioners.

We are also looking the experienced and creative authors who have unique ideas for writing about health, wellness, and healthy living. We’re passionate about innovative, well-written posts that inspire our burgeoning health and fitness readership.

Which Type of Content We Are Looking for a Free Guest Post?

We allow guest posting who want to write for us free fitness or nutritional blogs to publish on our website. Anyone can be a part of us who is passionate about writing good content for public help. But, to be a part of Deep Fitness, there are some rules to follow.

We aim to provide good content to the people. We are committed to providing the best Blog/article for public help. Through a guest post, if you are thinking of publishing content then read the guidelines for instant approval.

Most Important Guidelines for the Write for Us Articles/blogs

  • Blog must be on well-researched trending topics regarding Nutrition, health, and fitness.
  • Blog must be 100% unique, original, interesting, and helpful for readers.
  • Written Blog must be at least 1200 words, They should be good-quality SEO Blogs.
  • Focus keywords Must be in the Heading and sub-headings (H1, H2 Mandatory).
  • Blog must be clear and easy to read, we do not allow unnecessary keyword stuffing.
  • Keywords-oriented Anchor text must be used for the internal and external linking.

Most important Guidelines For Keyword Research

There should be good keyword research for the written Blogs. Authors, please pay attention to the primary requirements for the content below:-

  •  The keyword’s monthly search volume should be More than 200.
  • Keyword Difficulty (KD) should be less than 30.
  • Minimum 2 keywords Are required if the content.
  • Focus Keyword density should be up to 2% and the two secondary keywords in the content must be up to 0.50%.
  • Along with the focus keyword, At least two more relevant keywords must be used in the content.
  • Focus keywords should be the first paragraph and the last paragraph of the content.

Primary Content Readability Guidelines

  • Please do not use more than 08% passive voice in the content.
  • Please use appropriate Transition words in the content.
  • The word length must be less than 18 in a line. Please do not exceed the limit.
  • Please try to serve the content as simply as possible to enhance the user experience.
  • Please do not use AI tools only human-written blogs are allowed.

Other Guidelines and What We May Do in the Content

  • Edit– We can edit the content if needed. We can also add or delete images when we find them relevant to our Blog style.
  • Backlinks – You have a maximum of 2 backlinks including one internal link
  • Do-Follow Backlink- The Given backlink will be Dofollow for your website.
  • About Images/videos– During the submission of that particular blog/article, Deep Fitness may ask the writer to provide relevant images/videos related to an article. It does not accept irrelevant images/videos with copyrights.
  • Brand, Products, and Services Promotion – We don’t promote any service or Brand. Please notice that the blog/article through a guest post that you are submitting does not include any such material.
  • After submitting the Guest post – When we publish it, we hope you’ll stay active in the comments, answering the questions or thoughts from readers,
  • Bio– The author’s boi is required for each Blog.
  • Not Acceptable– Spammy and robotic pitches are unacceptable for your submissions, be sincere, and send me the best of your writing. I have a very strong audience here and I don’t want to leave them disappointed.
  • Essays- We do not accept essay writing.

Note:– Please read the guidelines carefully before contacting us to guest post. Please do not contact us for irrelevant niches. (casino, CBD, porn, or any irrelevant links are not Allowed)

Email: deepfitness9@gmail.com

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